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Berg-en-Dal August 2003

In August of 2003 we took our 2nd ever trip to Kruger park. August 2002 was our first and we loved it so much, we just had to go again.

We started off with 5 nights at Berg-en-Dal and then another 3 nights at Pretoriuskop.

As before, Berg-en-Dal was fantastic. The bushveld in the area is perfect for a wide variety of animals. After the 5 nights we moved on to Pretoriuskop. I was not to happy with this camp. The camp sites seemed overbooked and the fauna and flora of the area was not to my liking. We found that each day we would head towards Skukuza and do the Skukuza - Lower Sabie route.

Game all round was plentiful with many Elephants sighted between Skukuza and Lower Sabie.

Anyway, look at the photos below and enjoy.


The entrance gate to Berg-en-Dal

On one of the days, My Daughter and Niece wanted to go for an afternoon drive. Something I do not always like as it is very hot still. It was 15:00. Anyhow, on the main tarred road between Berg-en-Dal and Malelane, we came across this Leopard perched in a tree, a short distance from the side of the road. It was truly a sight to behold. Something that gets your heart racing.

We were on our way to Afsaal for breakfast one morning when just before the picnic site on the left hand side, a mother Hyena had taken up residence in a culvert under the road and had these two babies. They were all totally oblivious to all the traffic on the main road. Unbelievably, there were no other Hyenas around. Not sure if she was a loaner or the others were out hunting or somewhere else.

Here we are having breakfast at Afsaal. I enjoy this part of the day, however, my best picnic spot so far is Nkuhlu between Skukuza and Lower Sabie. I have heard that Tshokwane is also great, but till I have been there (One day maybe) I will reserve judgement.

One of our most favourite birds. The Ground hornbill. This is such a slow and often inquisitive bird. It is really amusing to sit and watch these birds for a while.

Heading back to camp the one evening, we came across this heard of Buffalo on the side of the road. It was already pretty dark, however, the photo seems to have come out O.K.

The day we left Berg-en-Dal for Pretoriuskop, we came across these Elephants on the side of the road. It was still very early and the sun was just to the left of them making a good photo very difficult. We stayed there for nearly an hour watching and listening to them. The roads were very quiet and it was simply very restful and food for the soul.


Here is a photo of our camp at Pretoriuskop.



One of the most beautiful pools I have ever seen is also at this camp. Half the pool is formed by a natural rock. Also, with the heat at Kruger, a pool is always a blessing.



Here I am with my son cooking a breakfast next to the pool with a beer in hand. What a way to go.

We were at the waterhole (Shitlhave) between Skukuza and Pretoriuskop. A bull elephant was to our left. He was a beautiful specimen. The photo below was taken by my daughter of my son and I taking the top photo of the Elephant.

On this holiday, we took two cars as I was not too keen on having two adults and 3 teenagers in my car and also have to tow a caravan.

Here is a photo of a Hyena taken on the H2-2. Behind in the Blue car was my wife, daughter and Niece.

Here a group of Zebras crossed in front of my wife as we were heading back to Pretoriuskop one afternoon on the H1-1. I just love the sound these guys make.

As always, I love sunsets and sunrises. Who doesn't. Here is one for the record.
  We did see Lion on this visit (as always), however, it was on a Night drive around Pretoriuskop and the photos did not come out very well. So, sorry, no photos this time.