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Swadini July 2004

For the June / July school holidays, we went to Aventura Swadini in the Drakensburg mountains near Hoedspruit. We arrived on Saturday the 3rd of July and left a week later.

This is the second time we have been at Swadini, the first being 6 months earlier for the Dec 2003 holidays. We have fallen in love with this place. As much as I would like to keep this place quiet so no one knows about it, the word will spread. The resort has everything. Tranquillity, views, peacefulness, pools, put put, trampolines, trails to walk. The trails run right next to the river and often small duiker and other buck species can be seen in close proximity. Stay up late in the evening and you may see Kudu walking through the camp sight literally 20 to 30 meters away. At Christmas, we saw a bush pig and a porcupine.

We have been to Mabalingwe, Mbizi, Sondela, Klein Kariba, Klein paradise (Naboomspruit), you name it. None of them match Swadini in our eyes... yet.

The photos are thumb nails, to view the pictures, double click the thumbnail and the photo will open. May take some seconds as they are fair sized photos. To go back, click the back button. Enjoy: -

Here are two photos of the caravan in the park. We were right up next to the border and the river was flowing not 30 meters down in front of us. You could literally hear it. What a way to sleep

Here John and I are playing volley ball. Every day they would have adults VB as part of the entertainment. On the last day we were there, they had a competition. 4 teams. I was in an elderly group and called ourselves the Golden Youngsters. <GRIN> Guess what.

This is the dam. The water was flowing over the spillway. The scenery was beautiful.
On the Thursday, we decided to take a day trip to Kruger National Park via the Orpen gate.
Here a Giraffe enjoying a tree top dinner. It is fascinating to watch these guys. They stick their tongs out and wrap them around the tree branches and then literally pull the leaves of the branch into their mouth.
The good old Elephant which we saw near Satara
We also saw Lion, Jackals, Zebra, Buffalo, and much more. Simply too much to put on the web. Anyway, on the 9th Aug is woman's day, hopefully off to Loskop dam. Will post some photo's then.

Until next time, keep well and happy holidays.

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