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Loskop Dam 06-08-2004

On the weekend of the 6th August we went to Loskop dam to Caravan. This was a long weekend due to woman's day on the 9th August (Monday). We left later then usual as we needed to attend a funeral of a family member on the Friday afternoon. We left home at exactly 16:00 and not the normal 15:00. We arrived at Loskop at 18:00 on the dot. Exactly 2 hours and 180km's.

The weekend was great. The weather was a mild summer with temperatures around the 25deg C mark.

Our Opinion: -

I love Loskop. It is African bushveld, shady camp sites in summer, better lawn then some sites I have been to. The ablutions are "Old" but clean and well kept. The swimming pool, put put, shop etc all great. In general you can not go wrong.

Only drawbacks. The resort still allows day visitors and they have easy access into the camp sites. This lead to some drunken parties and resultant noise. One intrepid camper apparently had a what for with some noisy teenagers at 03:00 the one morning. after much swearing, they left. There was an audible applause from all the fellow campers once the offending persons had left. Would I go again. Yes, I think I will try a normal weekend and see what it is like. We were planning to go there for Christmas 2004, but now have some serious second thoughts.

Our current favourite resort is still Swadini.

Anyway, to some photo's.


Here is a photo of our campsite. We were fairly isolated and just the way we like it.
Here is another view from the side. My wife is sat enjoying some wine and my daughter starting the fire. The evening was lovely
This photo is looking over the caravan towards the dam.
The pool in the picture to the left is the only heated pool. The family say it is super heated and very very hot compared to Aventura Swadini. However, on Sunday night, the power to the whole camp tripped. It came back on 15 min's later, only to find out in the morning when getting into a luke warm pool that it was one of the pool's heating elements that had done all the damage as it had blown.
This photo is taken 90 degrees left of the one above. This is the cold pool and wonderful in the summer months.
Here is the sunrise on Monday the 9th." Woman's day"
A last photo of the camp site from another area of the camp site

Until next time, keep well and happy holidays.

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