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Dragon Peaks April 2005

Resort Web site: - www.dragonpeaks.co.za

Well, this month was off to Dragon Peaks with the Comet Caravans "Club". The resort is situated down in the Drakensburg and is not far (1 or 2 km's) from the Drakensburg boys choir.

The drive was fairly long, however, the quality of the roads made up for this. We went from Benoni straight to Harrismith via Nigel and onto the N3. At Harrismith, we turned off towards Bethal and travelled down the Drakensburg via Sterkfontein dam, Little Switzerland, Bergville and then Winterton where we turned right onto the R600. 28km's later we came to the entrance which is right next to the Drakensburg Boys choir.

The resort is absolutely fabulous. Not only is the resort so beautiful, but there is an incredible view of the Burg and the scenery is to die for. We have been past the Burg from a distance in the past, but being up close and personal as we were on this holiday was something to behold.

The ablutions were "Good". Not brilliant but very acceptable. One of the main problems was the dirt left from people going to the loo and showers. As mentioned, the grounds were very wet, so people came in with muddy shoes etc. I feel the floors could have been cleaned a bit more often. As for hot water. This was on tap daily and incredibly hot at that. Truly brilliant. There is nothing like coming to have a shower after everyone else and finding plenty of hot water

Also, do not buy the wood available at the shop. If we had not had briquettes in the caravan from a previous outing we would have battled to cook. I do not know what wood it was, but did not burn nicely and the coals petered out shortly after coming to the correct state for cooking.

The good old question: - Would we come back? Oh yes, most definitely and the same resort at that. So much so, that next year will probably be a repeat. We had such fun going for truly amazing walks. Just further down the road you come to Monks Cowl. This is one of KZN parks area and there are even more walks there. Unfortunately, we only found this out the day before we were due to leave. Some of the walks are easy. The wife and I are not avid hikers and enjoy the stroll in the bush as opposed to climbing up mountains and gully's. So if you are like us. Go for it. You will love it.

Below are some photos' Have a look through and enjoy. Remember, for a larger view, Click on the image.

This is Dragons Peaks. We went on one of the many walks that are in the area and took this photo which overlooks the resort. Believe me, it is actual as good as it looks.
Here we are, set up and ready for the weekend. There had been a fair amount of rain before we arrive. Fortunately we did not experience any of it, however, the ground was fairly waterlogged. Some of the areas of the resort had lovely grass. The treed areas however were obviously sand and while we were there, mud to some extent. You take the good with the bad.
How's this for a view. Many of the trees had autumn leaves and simply the many trees in the park made it such a tranquil place.
Here is one of the many dams within the resort. This one in particular is the main dam in front of the reception and restaurant area. There is Bass in the dam and my son spent most of his weekend fishing one of the many.
The kids went for a horse ride on the Friday morning. They had the time of their life. Firstly, they were the only two people on the ride apart from the guide. But also, they went up and down mountains, galloped, cantered and were out for nearly 2 hours.
Here is my wife doing one of the things she loves best. Every day these guys get more food then I do. <GRIN>. No seriously, Lind's has great times feeding all the geese and birds. There are many of them around and anyone handing out food will have them crowding around
These are some morning shots of the Drakensburg from the other dams mentioned above.
During one of the walks we did, we came along this tranquil setting. This is Champagne castle time share
As mentioned before, the Drakensburg Boys choir is right next to Dragons Peak resort. Here is a photo of the school.
Here we are on Monday. Packed up and nearly ready to go. All the main items have been packed away. Here we are having breakfast after which it is a quick heave ho and pack what's left. Then it was onto the road

Until next time, keep well and happy holidays.

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