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Atlanta 20th 21st and 22nd May 2005

May, was time for us to head to Atlanta, north of Brits. The Comet caravan guys were all going to go, however, due to unforeseen circumstances, there was only ourselves and a couple of other vans.

The drive was wonderful. We took the N1 north past Pretoria and then headed West on the new N4 toll road to Rustenburg. At the R511, we took the off ramp to Brits and head on North towards Tabazimbi. About 56 km's north, you get to Atlanta on the right hand side.

Overall, I was very impressed with the resort. Only down side was that the grass was not so great and also there are not many shady tree's.

This was however compromised by a massive indoor heated pool, a lovely bar, tuck shop and entertainment area and possibly the best ablutions I have ever seen. There were more then enough showers and toilets per ablution for the people in the surrounding camp sites.

Sunday was possibly the highlight of the weekend. We took a guided game drive around the bush. I initially had my reservations. It started at 07:15 in the morning and cost R15 per person? I wondered how much game there actually was. We, did I enjoy myself. Although it was cold, it was the best time of the day. If we wanted to stop and walk around, we could. We came across a small watering hole. My daughter and I hopped out and wandered around taking photos of spoor and Dung for a Scout project she was doing. As for game, we saw giraffe, impala, kudu; wildebeest, zebra and many birds.

Overall, a wonderful resort that I would definitely return to but only in Winter due to there not being many trees. There are trees planted and I am sure that in a couple of years time, this resort will be a place to be reckoned with. Go there, you will love it.

This here is a general overview of the main reception area. The top photo shows the Main boma where there is a Bar, tuck shop and entertainment area. During our stay the Super 12 semi-final between the Bulls and ??? (Whoever) in Australia / New Zealand was on. The bar was packed. The Bulls lost and there was some grumpy soles around including myself.
Here is an overview of our cap site. My brother and his wife and her two children came with us on this trip so we had a real family holiday. As  you can see, not many trees, however, with it being Winter, it was not a major problem. I would not like to be there in summer though.
Here we have sun rise from our camp site
A couple of overview photo's of the other camp sites around us.
Here is a view of the indoor heated swimming pool. It was very big and highly entertaining,
On this weekend, the kids had home work. Here they are having fun doing it.

Until next time, keep well and happy holidays.

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