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Swadini July 2005

This page WAS still being built. Unfortunately the week or two has turned into a year or two. The write up is basically complete, I just need to scan the photos and insert them with comments. I am not sure this will happen. I need to hunt for the photo's etc etc.


So, for now, this page is destined never to have photos. But read the story...

In the June / July school holidays we normally try and get away for a week and this year was no exception. Our usual pilgrimage takes us to Swadini at this time, and this year was no exception.

We left home early on the morning of the 2nd July and the journey took us from Benoni through to Witbank, Belfast, Lydenburg, Ohringstad and finally the Aventura Swadini resort. The trip was rather uneventful apart from some pretty atrocious fog between Benoni and Middleburg. We left home at 07:30 and arrived at 13:00. On this holiday, my sister in law and niece from the wifes side joined us as well as my sister in laws son from my side. We took two cars as we needed to!

The weather was fantastic. The nights and evening were a bit chilly, but nothing like the Johannesburg weather. Days were spent lounging around the camp site or next to or inside of the beautiful heated swimming pool. My wife and I took many a walk along the river from one end of the resort to the other. Often we would see the Kudu does or the small bush buck that abound the bush in the vicinity.

Tuesday we too a trip through to Kruger Park entering via the Orpen gate. About 5 kilometres before the gate in pitch darkness, we came across about 50 Buffalo that had broken through the Timbavati game fence and were restlessly running from one side of the road to the other. On many an occasion I tried to edge forward to try force an opening so we could continue, only to have to reverse quite rapidly at times. After about 15 minutes and a multitude of cars backed up behind us, was I finally able to get through.

Kruger as usual was a blast. We headed up northwards next to the Timbavati river to the Timbavati picnic site where we had breakfast. There was three bushbucks in the camp eating anything the campers would give them. Anyway, from there, we headed East to have a look at a Camp site I have heard so much about. Balule. It is a camping site with no electricity and accommodates 15 camp sites. Although very nice, it was not quite what we expected. We then ventured north to Olifants which quite honestly blew me away.

Olifants is a rest camp with chalets only. No camping or caravans. What sets Olifants apart is the view. The viewing area overlooks the Olifants river which is way down in the valley. Well, I could sit there all day long with binoculars and watch the goings on in the river bed. I honestly cannot describe the feeling and sights. If you get a chance, go there. You will not regret it.

Until next time, keep well and happy holidays.

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