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Eden Park - September 2005

O.K. it was just the other day we were out at Kruger park, however, the camping bug got the better of us and thus we decided to get out again. This month we went to Eden Park out northwest of Naboomspruit.

I have heard so much about this resort that I felt it was about time we visited. Looking at the caravanparks.co.za web site, they are a 5 star resort with only 16 camping stands. Now, is this cosy and personal or what. I felt it could only be brilliant.

All I can say is no ways is Eden Park a 5 star resort. It's more! I would give it a 10 if I could.

We left Benoni at 15h00 and arrived at the resort at 17h15. The drive was pleasant with the main traffic congestion between the airport and just north of Pretoria. Only then did it start thinning out.

We were welcomed on our arrival by the owners who was marvellous. We were given site number 12 which was awesome. It was very well grassed with dense trees and bushes around the site making it very private and personal. It also contained it's own kitchenette and bathroom come toilet. Every stand was like this. Each site was also very spacious. Many of the caravan parks we have been to pack the caravans very closely next to each other. Well, Eden Park is the total opposite. The stands were so far apart it felt like you were in your own Eden. An added bonus was your own "Patio" area where there was a braai and more then enough area for chairs for all of us.

Facilities were also great. There is a cold water swimming pool, trampoline, and play area. There is also a beautiful Lapa with table tennis, pool and television. The highlight of the resort though is the farm. Each day, we took a walk around the bush which was very dry. We saw Kudu, Impala, a number of bush buck as well as Warthogs. I did not manage to get any photos as they were very shy and ran away at the first sign of us. The bird life was also mind blowing. My next investment is a remote control for my camera. I will set up the camera on a tri-pod and from a distance, take photo's of the birds.

As always, here are some photos.

Here was our camp site. As you can see, many tree's and bushes around which due to the winter, did not have many leaves. I can only imagine how much more secluded it will be in the summer when all the leaves are back




In the bottom photo, one can see the kitchenette and bathroom for our site. It was a real pleasure being able to leave the sunlight and sponge out in the kitchen. Also, after eating, we would go and clean our plates etc and then leave them there to drip dry.

On the Eastern side of the resort is a low level bridge leading to the game farm. This picture shows some of the stands overlooking the small river bed in front.
This is the swimming pool and very inviting at that. Although still spring, there were a number of people including the family who used the pool to refresh themselves in the heat that was around.
Saturday night braai time.
A view of our camp site from behind
One of the shady trees with a camp site on either side.
This is the water hole not far from the camp sites. I would have loved to come here late at night with a chair and spot light to see what animals come down. Only reason I did not was I was too tired and in bed by 21h00 each night.

Until next time, keep well and happy holidays.

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