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Loskop - 27th Dec 2005 - 2nd Jan 2006

As mentioned in the future outings page, my son wanted to do some Bass fishing over the Christmas holidays, so, what better way to do that then spending a week at Aventura Loskop over the new year.

My son and I left home on the 27th Dec at 08h30 towing the caravan. My daughter wanted to do some last minute shopping for a swimming costume at Lakeside mall, so my wife and daughter left home at about 10h00 towing the boat.

We arrived at about 10h00 and proceeded to look for a suitable site to set up. The camp site was packed and in some areas people were one on top of each other. About 1,5 hours later we had found a suitable campsite with the approval of my wife and daughter who had by now arrived.

Our first major camping mishap occurred at this time... I have two full tents for the caravan. The first tent was from our first caravan which was stolen over a year ago. Due to it being quite bulky, I keep the tents in the garage and not in the caravan. When the first caravan was stolen, the tent was in the garage. I wanted to take it this time so that I could mark some modifications I wanted to do to the tent for the future. Anyway, as it happened, when we last went camping, we put all the plastic pole connectors into the 2nd tent bag together with the tent. So, guess what, we had no pole connectors. Curses. Anyway, I had to make a dash to Middleburg to find a caravan dealership and see if I could get some. As luck would have it, they had and I was soon on the way back with 6 plastic connectors for the 1st tent. Luckily we went on the 27th when all the shops were open again. A day earlier and I would have really been in trouble.

Anyway, there after, a good time was had by all. The weather turned out to be absolutely fantastic. It was incredibly hot on certain days and overcast and warm on others. Not once did it rain during the day, with only about a 10 to 15 minute downpour on the first night we were there.

I enjoyed the stay, however, it was very full and many of the people camping were youngsters drinking as much as they could and making a noise well into the night of the 30th and 31st (New years eve). I am not sure I will do it again, but possibly a resort like Mabalingwe or Eden park will be something for next year.

The fishing was good. I did not get one hit, but my son landed 3 bass with a 4th getting away. I loved going out on the boat as I could sit and look at the scenery while John fished. The animal life around the dam edges was wonderful. Kudu, Impala, Giraffe and Rhino to name a few. The one day I counted over 10 Rhino along a short stretch of shoreline.

Anyway, a couple of photos below. I have not put too many, as there are other photos HERE from a previous visit


This was our camp site for the week. Very spacious and comfortable

Some views of the scenery and the Rhino's


This is the pool area with everyone cooling off at some time of the day. It was really hot at times.





Top photo is Hayleigh coming down the slide.













This photo and the one below is John doing a back flip.

These are John's 3 fish he caught.

The first was at 17h28 on the evening of the 27th. He must have literally put his lure in the water for the first time and it was taken

The second was the morning of the 28th at 06h37

The last one and probably the biggest was taken at 08h13 on the 31st.


By the way, all of the fish were released after the photo.

Heading out across the water
One of the friendly creatures that roamed the trees near our camp site

Till next time keep well, travel safe and enjoy.