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Loskop - September 2005

This weekend we were off to Aventura Loskop dam. My son wanted to go fishing on the boat early in the mornings and late in the evenings without the normal one or more hour trip from home to the nearest dam. We decided to go with both the Caravan and boat so each day, he could have a go at fishing early in the morning.

We left Friday afternoon at 15:40 and arrived at the resort at 17:30. My brother and family were already there having left earlier then us and had already selected a camp site and set themselves up. We set up right next to them and the weekend began. The weather could not have been better. Temperatures were around 30 - 34 during the day. Lying next to the pool helped keep us sane. The nights were equally beautiful. It is nice being able to sleep with light sheets over oneself instead of winter duvets.

Overall a lovely time. As it was the beginning of the September school holidays, there was entertainment and fun up at the swimming pools during the day. Also, there was a gigantic waterslide which was positioned so the exit was into the swimming pool. On Sunday we had a lovely skottle breakfast next to the swimming pool and was so relaxing.

As for the fishing, there was nothing in the way of Bass. However, It gave us the opportunity of cruising around the waters edge where there are a large number animals as the dam forms part of a game reserve. We saw Rhino, impala, kudu, Giraffe and warthog. As for the bird life around the camp. I have never heard so many birds making a noise in my life. There were Bul-buls, Go away birds, glossy starlings and weaver birds to name but a few.

I can kick myself, but I did not take as many photos as I should of the weekend, but anyway, here are some of them.




Till next time keep well, travel safe and enjoy.