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Scouts Kontiki 3rd, 4th and 5th March 2006

Every year the Scouts hold a Kontiki raft building weekend.

This year was much the same as others with lots of rain and in particular, cold weather after a cold front swept through the country. The pictures can not portray this. However, as always, the kids did have a good time.

The weekend starts off with all the groups arriving on the Friday afternoon after school. All the equipment normally arrives via trucks and gets offloaded at their allocated building area. After a pre-inspection, they start building. My son John, was raft leader this year and together with 5 other boys, had to build the base and superstructure. Building the base and part of the superstructure takes most teams well into the night.

The following morning, the kids continue building, but in particular, fit their decorations. Every year there is a different theme which was originally "Harry Potter". However, after some people complained about the magic, potions etc, the theme was changed to "Enchanting Journey". John had already started planning around the original theme and as such built the Quid ditch field which entailed the walls, towers and Harry Potter flying around on his broom stick.

At 12hoo on the Saturday, they launch and have to live on the raft for 24 hours without getting off the raft. On Sunday at 12h00, all the rafts come off and get dismantled for the next year.

We did take the caravan down, but unfortunately, did not take any photos of the site. I can say it was the best tow ever. From home to the camp site, 15 minutes flat.

Anyway, below are some of those photos. Click on the image to get a bigger shot.

Inspection with raft in background Safety is a big thing and everyone had to have life jackets, fire extinguishers etc. Raft basically complete before launch
John in his natural habitat Gregory Witt having some fun
The living quarters for 6 Heave hoe Nearly in

On the water. Note Harry Potter flying high on his Nimbus 2000 Preparing to leave On their way
The Girls raft being launched Hayleigh second from left

Some of the rafts out on the water


Here is the parents and supporters camp site

Preparing for closing parade Waiting for the results Veronique (Scouter) and girls.

Till next time keep well, travel safe and enjoy.