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Letaba 26 - 1st May 2006

This holiday I organised over 9 months previously and literally could not wait for the holiday. As with all good things in life, the holiday came slowly and disappeared quickly.

Letaba is awesome. It really is. It easily pips our best camp which was Berg-en-Dal. I hate to say this, but my camera gave up the ghost on the 3rd day before I took photos of the camp site and our set up. I was really disappointed!

The trip started at 03h00 on Wednesday the 26th April. The family and I took the Wed and Friday off for a long weekend. I love driving at night if I am not tired. The traffic is nothing like during the day. All the trucks are normally on the side of the road nearby tollgates and sleeping. Anyway, we arrived at Lydenberg at 06h00 on the dot. We pulled in at the Excl for some petrol and cup of coffee. From there it was on up through Ohrigstad, Mica and arrival at Palaborwa at 08h30. It was a lovely drive but boy, the road between Lydenberg and Mica is in a terrible state with many pot holes! From there, it was a stop at the Wimpy for some takeaways and then into the park. Funny how it always seems like returning home when I enter Kruger.

We reached the Camp and set up with the holiday truly beginning.

Below are some photos of some of the game. Unfortunately not as many as I wanted due to the digital camera packing up. I did take some film photos which I ironically took for back up, however, I did not finish the spool and will have them developed one day. When that happens, I will put them here.

On the way in there is this dam which was very peaceful. On one of the evenings, I took a drive on my own and stayed here for about an hour listening to the sounds of the area.


Mind blowing. Your ears ring from the silence.

As we entered, one of our first sightings was this eagle about 15km's before Letaba on the Palaborwa road.

A little bit further on, we came across these Zebra and solitary Wildebeest.




Look at the Zebras flank just in front of its rear leg. Looks like a Lion nearly got this one. Lucky Zebra...

This is the bridge over the Letaba river, just north of Letaba. You are allowed out between two yellow lines marked on the bridge.




The photo of the Elephant was taken from the bridge looking East




This is broader photo of the river looking East




This is a photo looking West from the bridge at some Waterbuck drinking from the river.

Some of the life in the camp. The buck at the top was near the front fence while the Glossy starling and Barbet were regular visitors to the camp site

We took the Northern route to the Engelhardt dam. In one of the lay-bys, we came across these paradise fly catchers. We sat there for nearly a half hour watching them.
At the same spot as the birds above, this Waterbuck appeared from round the corner and was quite startled. He also sat there for a minute or two contemplating us.

This is the Engelhardt Dam. The concentration of Hippos in this dam is fantastic and you can always hear them grunting.

On the route back from Engelhard dam, we came across this bunch of Zebra. The mother and baby in the two lower photos were gorgeous.
This is a photo of a sunrise taken while on the river route between Letaba and Oliphants.
Closer to Oliphants, on the river itself, you can get out at this viewpoint. On the hill in the distance on the right is the Oliphants camp itself. Again, another fantastic site.

From the same look out as above, we watched this Elephant go for a bath. He was right down in front of us and a wonderful sight to watch.

At Olifants, we watched this herd of Elephants cross the river. The elderly Elephants took great care in getting their smaller ones across the river.

Look at the middle picture carefully and you will see some of the babies holding onto the leaders tails

On the main road out of Olifants, you come to the main Letaba - Satara road. You take a left and then an immediate right and you head for 1km up a hill which again gives you a commanding view out over the Olifants river. This picture to the right is from that viewpoint and does not do the actual sight justice.

At this point you can get out of your car.

On one of our routes, we herd what sounded like a bird and we hunted this tree high and low to see what bird it was. You will not believe it, but this little squirrel was chirping away in the tree.


Till next time keep well, travel safe and enjoy.