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Swadini July 2006

As is normal in July, we take our annual pilgrimage to Swadini. This year was no different. Read below for more information on this holiday.

Between Dulstroom and Lydenberg, we came upon this unusual sight which is something I have not seen in over 25 years. A farmer was moving his head of cattle to another pasture. As you can see, there was a fair traffic jamb!
At Ohrigstad between Lydenberg and Swadini, we came upon this interesting sign. Just love it.


Here was our set up this time. We found a lovely tree and thoroughly enjoyed the sight. Unfortunately, it was a bit dry and as such, not as much grass as we hoped, but non the less. Very enjoyable.

During our stay, we had full moons most nights. This is a shot of the moon rising in the early evening over the mountains to the East.

John, my son, had a bug to take some slow exposures of water. The bottom photo is one such shot. The top one though really caught my eye. I just love it.


On one of the streams, there is a bridge going over it. This is the reflection of the underneath of that bridge reflecting in the water.

The area around Swadini's swimming pools.

What is this???

Well, as above, John had the camera bug this holiday. He set up the camera on a tripod and using the timer, ketp the shutter open for 30 or 60 seconds (or whatever).

While the shutter was open, Hayleigh and John would wave a torch around in front of the camera and create these patterns.

Photos of the Blyde Dam.
A good old braai for the night.
On the Thursday, we took our normal outing to the Kruger.

On entering we saw this old bull Elephant.

Between Orpen gate and the Timbavati picnic site, these are some of the animals we saw.

We stopped at Olifants camp (The one with the mind-blowing view) and took these photos of a Humming bird and a Barbet.

Believe it or not, out across the river were some Lions lying up in the shade, however, it was extremely difficult to see them even with binoculars.

These photos were taken on the Olifants river bridge. Top photo is from Left to right, John, Lindsay, Daisy (a good friend visiting from Switzerland) and Hayleigh.

Between Oliphants river and Satara, we took these photos.

In the top photo is a lioness lying this side on the dam wall. Can you see her. We hung around, but nothing happened.

On the Friday, we took a ride to Moholoholo. An awesome place where wild animals are rehabilitated. If possible, they are returned to the wild.
This is Lindsay feeding one of the Vultures

This time it was Daisy.


Basically, you get a leather arm guard and hold a piece of meat in your hand. The vulture comes down on your hand and with you holding the meat as tight as possible, the vulture eats the meat out of your hand.

Just another shot...

Top photo is Shumba, if I remember correctly. He was just like a domestic cat, however, neither the guide or any visitors are allowed in the cage.

Middle photo is Daisy with a baby hippopotamus. His (or her?) mom had been killed somehow and became an orphan.

John and Hayleigh stroking a badger. Just like a dog. The more and harder you scratched him, the more he enjoyed it.
A leopard. Such a beautiful creature.


This one was ready for release, however, it was a problem trying to find somewhere to release him.

They did try to get a permit to release in the Eastern Cape, however nature conservation would not allow it.

Views from on the Blyde dam wall.

Blyde river dam again.

Top photo: -

1  John having a leak?

2  Creative photography?

You work it out... If you really want to know, e-mail me.

2nd photo, from left to right, Hayleigh, Daisy, Lindsay and John

3rd Photo, Some wood lying on the dam wall.

4th photo, a view or the surrounding area from the museum above the dam wall

Time to leave :-(

Top photo, all packed up and ready to go.

Bottom photo, Daisy in one of the Boabab trees on the main road.

At Dulstroom, we stopped at this restaurant for lunch. Very nice

And with that, another holiday came to an end. What can I say... We loved it and will probably be there again next year

Till next time keep well, travel safe and enjoy.