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Sabie Feb 2007


This weekend was our annual pilgrimage to Sabie where the Scouters from the Eastern Gauteng district head down for some "tubing" down the Sabie river.

The weekend as always was lovely. The weather was the best in a long time. On arrival on Friday at about 12h00, we set up camp. Soon thereafter, we had our one and only rain shower for the weekend. The remaining time was hot with high humidity which made it appear sweltering. Packing up on Sunday produced copious amounts of sweat from everyone concerned.

Anyway, as normal, there are photos below with the normal commentary.

This photo was taken at Dulstroom during a stopover. Hayleigh believe it or not wanted to stay at school which meant she came out later with the Troop Scouter. So in the car was Jenna, Cheralyn, Luke, John and the wife and myself. Caravan in tow as well


Saturday morning, life around the camp site hinges around preparation for the tubing down the river. Here are some photos of that.

Load them up...

Just arrived at the launch area. Those two cars carried all those people!

Below, we have the parents "Patrol". It is not just the kids that go down the river. We go as well !!!


Veronique (TS Calisto), Mark (Rover) and family getting ready to go.


Some general pictures


The launch pad... At the bridge where everyone gets in, there are some brave souls who prefer the backwards jump into the water from up on high. Here are some of those made persons.

Top left to right: - Greg, John, Ryan

Bottom Left to Right: -Mark & Kevin, Kevin, Hayleigh

The end of the ride. Time to swim in the pool or get back to the launch area


Also ar Castle Rock is a swimming pool. After a ride down the river, everyone congregates here for some fun

At Castle rock, there is a fantastic and big lean to. The scouters make this their communication area of them sit here chewing the fat all day and night long.

Breakfast time on Sunday morning

On the Saturday evening a number of us made the visit down to Horse Shoe falls. These are some photos of the visit

Bridal Veil falls also near Sabie. Bottom left Photo is Lindsay (My wife) and Roz (G.S.'s wife) swimming.


Till next time keep well, travel safe and enjoy.