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Kontiki March 2007


Any excuse to get away for the weekend is appreciated. One of these is Kontiki where we go just down the road to Murray park in Springs and camp with the caravan. Unfortunately no photos of the caravan set up this time. Next time.

Kontiki is a scouting event where scout groups build rafts from Friday evening till Saturday lunch time. Then the rafts are put in the water and the raft crew who are normally 6 people have to live on the raft for 24 hours. On land during this time, there are many other activities for the scouters from cooking competitions to pioneering challenges.

Scouts from all over Gauteng and a number from outside the area congregate for this event with much fun had by all.

To look at my sons raft from 2006 go to this page

Supporters, (Basically the parents) camp. Plus the usual chit chat.
Friday afternoon / night. Getting the ground crew camp up and running
This year was elected raft crew leader. Below is the model which is a requirement for this task. Below is the guys on Friday afternoon getting the raft built. The guys arrive on Friday afternoon and start building with continuous inspections during the day. The normaly stop around 23h00 that night for a sleep and then continue the next day. At 12h00, all rafts go onto the water and the guys or gals have to stay there for 24 hours without and items or support from the land.


The guys did well this year ending up 4 for raft construction

This was the cooking team. From left to right in the first photo, Michelle, Hayleigh, Andrew and Ryan. For their efforts, they gained 1st place. Brilliant work.

There was also a supporters STA (Spare Time Activity). Here are the supporters lazing away while waiting for the judging.

Here the Judge is doing his business. He seemed quite amused with the "Model"


Here Veronique is explaining all the gadget and dress attire


Here is some general photos of the various rafts on the water
The Cub folks always put on a base for all the other cubs. This is commonly known as the "Beaver Challenge". This year Joy and Ruth put on a plane sliding down two wires. Inside its base was a bomb bay. At the end of the run, there was a control box that when activated a "James bond" below a parachute would fall out. The aim was for him to land in a demarcated area, .
Here we have the raft built and ready for launching

Everyone is called upon to assist with the launch

This is the ground crew camp. All based on James Bond and his cars. The two silver sheets "Doors" are the gateway which each group needs to build.

Also, some photos of the scouters relaxing and having fun.

Till next time keep well, travel safe and enjoy.