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Berg-en-Dal April 2007

As has become the norm, over the workers day holidays, we headed for Kruger and this time Berg-en-Dal. Last year same time we went to Letaba near the northern part of the reserve.

We left early in the morning again and arrived at the gate at around 08h30. It continues to amaze me how it just makes you feel different. Difficult to explain, but it is like coming home. Often, Hayleigh and I will reminisce at home how we are "liss" for Kruger. Anyway, I digress a bit.

The drive was an absolute pleasure. It is the first time our new Caravelle was used for a holiday and to tow the caravan. I specifically chose the 128kw model to give me that extra power we always want when towing a Caravan. The X-Trail which my wife now possesses was also a pleasure to tow, but was limited at 96kw. The extra power certainly was felt.

Probably the best extra on the car was the "cruise control". This device is awesome. As soon as we were on the road, crank the power up to 110km/h and set. Up hill, down hill, round corners etc, she stuck to the limit. Near the turnoff to Carolina is a small town where the speed on the road reduces to 80km/h for a good 5km's. Now, in the past, I have received fines along this stretch. After decreasing speed from 110 it always feels alien to come down to 80km/h and inevitably the foot starts inching down. Well, with Speedo cruise, come down to 80km/h and again, set the cruise and sweetly drift through town without getting fines!

The first day was a sort of lazy day and involved the set up. Believe it or not, we managed to get the exact same spot as we did last year in Nov / Dec. We had reserved two sites as my Brother, Wife and son were going to be with us as well and John and Hayleighs' God parents.

Day two was the start of serious game viewing. And, boy, was it just that. Big 5 seen twice on the same day and all sightings independent. Unfortunately the Leopards as per usual were far in the distance. Photos obtained, but either blurred or small.

Anyway, lets get to some pictures...

Don't you love this view. Taken from in front of Berg-en-Dal towards Malelane gate.

In and around our camp site. My boet found these chairs brilliant for n afternoon siesta.



This was Afsal. The owl was sleeping in a tree nearly at ground level. The staff had to put chairs and tape around the owl to ensure no one disturbed the poor fellow.



None other then Malelane bridge. We went down their the first evening to wait for my brother and sister in law. They left Jhb after lunch and arrived shortly before the gates closed.


The photo on the left is where the two photos on the right were taken. This is the lookout at Berg-en-Dal rest camp reception

Above, this is the view as you get out your car and head down to the reception and shop.



This is the day visitor area which I have never really looked at before. For once I took some photos for my web site and realised just how nice, well equipped and planned it was. It is situated directly behind the lookout point detailed above.


Evening time around the camp fire


These are two separate sets of zebras we saw. This set was just as we left Afsal back on the way to B and D.


These guys we say on the river route next to the Crocodile river


We left early for a drive the one day and saw this baby Giraffe. He was gorgeous.


The tortoise above appears like he was run over by a car or crushed by something. However, he was still fully mobile and carrying on with his life.

The Coucal was foraging in the bushes for his breakfast. They make the most amazing sound.


On the second evening, we were on a evening drive back to camp when we came across this lion pride hunting. They had spotted some Impala and were doing their best. They had some cubs who eventually spoiled it for them so no, we did not see a kill.

Some general photo's below.



Another day gone with the moon rising over the mountains

Till next time keep well, travel safe and enjoy.