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Rand Air Show - May 2007


The first weekend in May, Lindsay and Hayleigh flew to Cape town for her Cousins daughters wedding. This inevitable left John and I up to our own devices.

During the week however, I had heard that there was an air show at the Rand airport. So, off John and I went. It was and excellent day out and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I originally though we would spend an hour or two there. In the end, we spent the whole day and were real "rooi necks" by the end of the day. Although I had glasses and a hat on, when you spend half the day looking in the sky, you inevitably get burnt.

Below are some photos of that day. I have not done any write ups as I am hopeless with what plane is what. But anyway, I hope you enjoy.

This is a SANDF Puma? I think. It took off and headed for Germiston lake and collected water in the bag suspended underneath it. Then, while on a fly by, dumped the water.

Now, next to my Caravelle, I could handle one of these in my garage!
These guys did both a take off and a landing. The landing is the bottom 3 photos.

The old ladies of the air. I love the sound these guys make.

Some acrobatics

This, if I am correct was a Mig. The sound of the engine once it had flown buy was deafening. She sure could cover some ground very very quickly!
Below are random photos


Till next time keep well, travel safe and enjoy.