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Safubi River Lodge August 2007

As per the page for the Scouting 100 years (You can read it here), this section had been pre-written prior to going to Nelspruit. As it is, today is Monday the 6th August and we will be leaving on Wednesday.

When our kids decided to go to the centenary in Nelspruit, the parents started conniving. It was not long before a plan was hatched where parents would be staying at Safubi River Lodge which is ideally situated 2km's outside of Nelspruit. The Scouting event is happening 2km's north of Nelspruit just behind the riverside shopping mall.

The scene is set for a lekker kuir and some sightseeing.

Updated 13-08-2007

Well we are back. What a lovely get away. Much loved by everyone who attended.

We left the scout hall on Wednesday morning at 08h15, a little behind schedule (10 kids and 6 parents. More were to follow). The drive to Nelspruit was uneventful, but boy, what a headwind we had. The Caravelle would normally do the trip on less then half a tank of petrol, this trip took three quarters of a tank. The car continually battled to maintain the 110 I set on the Speedo cruise. Even though the trip was mostly down hill, the fuel consumption came in at 13,2l per 100k's. The trip back was different. Ironically, the car used less then half a tank and fuel consumption came in at 12,2l per 100km's.

Safubi River lodge is a really nice resort with two minor short comings. Numero uno and of prime importance was lack of hot water. Of the 4 morning showers I took, only the first was hot. The one morning I was in at 06h30 and it was still luke warm. The owners did say that they would be levelling the current ablution block and re-building it as they were starting to have issues. Secondly and less importance was the lack of braai's at some of the sites. We did ask the camp attendant for a braai and he brought us a 44 gallon drum cut in half. Problem is I do not think they have many of those available.

The resort otherwise is very nice. I am actually quite amazed at how beautiful it was considering that it is basically a stop over for people travelling to Kruger and Mozambique. As it is, we are again making plans to visit next year when attending the Mpumalanga Scout Jamboree again.

Anyway, to some photos: -


Here we are set up under a lovely tree with a friend Patricia camped in her tent in front of us.

Below are views of the exterior of the two chalets. They were very clean, and freshly painted.



This is the inside of the chalets. Overall, great thought has gone into the building of these. In the 3 bedroom, 6 person chalet, two of the rooms were very small with bunk beds. I believe they were comfortably but a bit of a bind getting in and out of.

When you consider that these are mostly for overnighters, they are more then adequate.



Dinner time around the fire place.



On the Saturday night, our comrades decided to go down to the river for sundowners. Here are photos of the group and the view around.


Below are photos of the camp site



Here are some of the views from around the grounds and along the river 



On the first day we were there, these 3 Huey helicopters flew past in formation. I believe that they have been helping in fighting the fires that have ravaged the area.

Till next time keep well, travel safe and enjoy.