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Mpumalanga International Join-in-Jamboree 2007


This has become a bit of a preamble to a visit to Nelspruit for a 100 year Scouting jamboree.

The scouters from 9th Benoni heard about this jamboree and were quick to say they were wanting to go. The event is being held in Nelspruit and apparently over 600 scouters both locally and internationally will be attending.

Updated: - 13-08-07

Well, we have just returned from an amazing weekend where the kids once again had much fun. It must be said that towards the end, some of them were running on fumes as they were quite exhausted from all the daily games and activities.

Basically, we all arrived on Wednesday the 8th Aug at the sports grounds. The scouters set up camp in their designated area and formed part of the Mafikeng patrol. The girls patrol I can not remember but will get it from my daughter and put it in here. The kids did community service on the Thursday (Woman's Day) out at various venues. Some of the scouters raised money at shopping malls, others did cards for AIDS patents, some planted trees. On the Friday and Saturday there were other activities. To have a look at the newsletter, click here.

Sunday all too soon came and it was time to return home. Below are some of the photos from the event with captions where necessary.

To see where the parents stayed, go here


This is what greeted us on our arrival. Lots of tents but no scouters. Little did we know.


Unpacking, and some of the woman of the day that allowed us to have this public holiday!!!


The kitchen. This set up catered for over 800 people per sitting. Scouts, adult helpers, etc. The hot dogs below were 2 per person. Now imagine making 1600+ hot dogs for everyone.

The Potjie pots below were also a wonderful size. Nice and big. The scouters all commented how great the food was and that there was always sufficient.



Tent set up for the boys.


Left to right: - This looks like hard work! The boys in lazy discussion, The view from their site.


From left to Right

Hit that pole, Ryan having fun, Andrew wondering how his tent goes together?


Even more confusion ;-)

On the Friday, the Cubs attended the event and there was games and activities for them as well as the scouts. Below are some images of that day with captions where suitable.

One of the attractions was this water slide which in the Nelspruit heat was greatly appreciated by the kids.



Her are some other shots of the field showing the number of people there.


The boys playing a game where someone shouts right and they need to let go of their stick and grab the stick to the right and vice versa. If you did not get the stick, out you go.


Rub a dub dub, its time for the grub. Lunch time in camp: -

From left to right: - The kitchen, lining up for the food, the girls deciding who wants what.


Left to right: -

The boys in a huddle eating, Michelle and Hayleigh quiet for once...


Jenna. With a book like that - I would also be KO "Critical Thinking!"

Water fight............... Again, in the heat, water fights were not uncommon.




Airing the blankets along the fence.



Last Day (Sunday) Closing ceremony.

From Left to right: -

Closing ceremony. Chicken run, Packed and ready to go.


The "Guys" of the Mafikeng troop and the 9th Benoni guys.


Till next time keep well, travel safe and enjoy.