Home page Pilanesberg 2nd - 6th Jan 2008

It was literally 1 month previously that we went to Pilanesberg, however, during the Christmas and New Year period, I was needed at work and so decided to get away for this short break. Due to the wonderful time we spent at Bakgatla the last time, we decided to go there again.

The drive was uneventful and an absolute pleasure. The Caravelle towed like a dream. This is such a wonderful car I do not know why everyone does not have one. As I have said before and will now say again, the Speedo cruse is such an invention. It is unbelievable how much strain this takes of driving. Before I was constantly checking speed as once you are on the road and get settled in, you do not realise the speed is climbing.

The fuel consumption with 4 grown ups and the caravan came in at 11,4l 100km going and 11,6l 100km returning. Brilliant in my book. As before, Speedo cruise set at 110, however occasionally hitting the 115 - 120 only when overtaking. It is amazing to see from the onboard computer what the average speed was for the whole trip. 83km per hour! It's incredible what the stop streets, tollgates, traffic congestion etc will do.

Well of to some photos'.

Here was our camp for the holiday. We found this ideal spot at the far end of the resort, far away from the ablutions and lights. The nights were spectacular and we often sat out till late in the night watching stars and satellites.

The one morning John and Hayleigh cooked up a storm on the Skottle. Just needed to make you envious with a before and after photo ;-) P.S. Nothing like a beer while cooking breakfast.

On the Thursday, it did rain during the morning to some extent. What do you do when it is raining? Well, prop the laptop up and watch Videos of course!

On the Sunday morning before we left, we took our normal morning drive, but up to a picnic site at the back behind Mankwe dam. Here again, everyone piled in to make another one of those great breakfasts.

This picnic area in particular is wonderful in that it overlooks the Mankwe dam. From where you are sitting there is a commanding view with many planes game roaming below you next to the dam as pictured on the top left.


This is Pilanesberg centre, and in case you did not guess it, it is basically in the centre of the game reserve. From what I understand, this building also burnt down when Pilanesberg had the terrible fires a number of years back.

There is food available as well as a grocery shop with basic food and beverages.

There is the lookout with tables and chairs where viewing of animals coming to the waterhole directly in front of the centre is possible.

There is also a commanding view out over the distance where anyone with binoculars will have a wonderful time looking at all the animals on display.


Some Zebras. This one poor guy to the left had no tail :-( Poor fellow. I bet the flies give him hell!


Something we saw ten to the dozen were Rhino's. Wow, we have never seen so many of these fellows before. Also they were always in herds of at least 4 up to 8 in one herd that we saw

We were driving along the Tlou road after just leaving the Kgabo road on an afternoon drive when we came across this fellow immediately to our right in the bush. No sooner had we stopped, he strolled out onto the road and went for an amble directly in front of us.

Eventually he turned right into a thicket, however we knew that just on the other side was a water hole and in all likelihood, he was heading there. We dashed up the road and took the short drive to the lookout and lo and behold, a couple of minutes later he popped out. He ate, drank, washed and played for a good 10 minutes and we really enjoyed just sitting there and watching him.


Heading back to camp on the Friday afternoon, there was this cloud formation forming. Again, pictures can not do justice as to what this really looked like.The photo on top right shows the different tones of light being reflected through some of the clouds. Unfortunately, this did not turn into any rain of any sort.

Finally some more random shots of the animals we saw.

Do yourself a favour, go to Pilanesberg. You will really enjoy it

Till next time keep well, travel safe and enjoy.