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Sabie River Rafting Feb 2008

Every February, the Scouts head down to Sabie for our annual tube rafting down the Sabie river.

We again stayed at Castle Rock caravan park. The grounds and area is lovely, however, the ablutions need some sprucing up. Unfortunately this is a municipal park and funds just do not seem to head its way. There is hot water when the old coal donkey is stoked and while we were there always had piping hot water.The drive was wonderful. There was Hayleigh, Lindsay and two other Scout Rovers in the Caravelle. Travelling with us in his Ranchero was Shane who is the Group Scouter for 9th Benoni. With him was is son Ryan, John and two other boys. John took the hand held radio and we were in constant contact all the way down.Our midway stop going and returning was at the Belfast Engen. It is always lovely to be able to get a Wimpy coffee for the road. Anyway, after filling up on some eats we were ready for the rest of the drive.

Trip statistics: -

Distance travelled both ways = 338km

Going down = Fuel consumption = 11,6km/l; Ave speed = 84km/h; Time travelled = 4 hours 3 min;  

Coming back = Fuel consumption = 11,1km/l; Ave speed = 80km/h; Time travelled = 4 hours 16 min;

Well of to some photos'.


Here we are set up and relaxing. The whole 9th Benoni set up the good old lager and had a good fun time.






Life around the camp site. Top left photo: -

Shane (Group Scouter) on the right and myself on the left.



















Now that tube "tower" looks just right for running into ;-)

  At the Shell in Sabie before heading home, we needed to fill up and get some snacks for the road. My favourite? Jelly Babies!!!


Find trampoline

Find many kids!!!



This is Castle rock.

To left is the shelter where everyone gathers in the evening for a braai and drink. It often rains in Sabie because it is on an escarpment, and this shelter is a blessing at that time

Top Right is a photo from the local railway bridge with the Castle Rock camping ground on the right.

Bottom left, Ryan and Luke on the railway bridge.

Bottom right, another view of the camp site

  One of the important requirements is the pre briefing.

The Rovers head down first, early in the morning. They scout the river for any dangerous obstacles or anything that could cause injury of any sort.

Then, before anyone else can go down, this briefing session is held with everyone and told what the river condition is like and any obstacles or dangerous areas to look out for.

  When leaving, all the tubes need to be deflated. What better way to force the air out the tube then by having a siesta on the deflating tubes.

Michele, Hayleigh and Koen.





Some of the parents and kids getting into the river




This point is about 1km down the river from the launch point.

At this point there is an small cliff where the brave hearted get out and do some jumping into the river.

Again, although there are no obstacles in the river at this point, rules are that you WILL enter feet first.

Some photos of the jumping are detailed elsewhere on this page. Must say, I did this once myself. AWESOME!!!

  The Rovers set up.

Till next time, travel safely

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