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Wilderness Tour, Easter 2008 (George to Karoo NP)

This is the Thursday where we left Victoria bay and headed to Karoo National Park visiting Oudshoorn and the Cango Caves.


This is the view from the restaurant deck at the Caves complex.

By the way, we had arguably one of the best meals ever at this restaurant. Lindsay had a Ostrich platter which consisted of biltong, pate, various cuts of meat and an incredible salad.

The rest of us had a burger (as per usual) which was also amazing.


Here is the foyer to the main complex.

There was some incredible historical information all over. Its funny how when I was young, I hated history, however, the older I get the more interested I get in it.

This is a mock up display of the Caves itself. Lovely to look at as you can see the extent and size of the caves.


Then, the caves itself. Some of the formations and the size of the rooms is mind blowing.

Also, it is amazing how dark it really is when the lights are switched off.

After finishing at the Caves, we headed to Beaufort West. To get there, you need to go through the mountain range depicted in the photos (The Swart Berg).

The road itself actual runs next to and continually crosses over the river that goes through the mountain range to the sea.

At numerous places along the route, there were picnic spots that were world class. Chairs, Tables, Thatch awnings, paved and exceptionally clean. Very well presented

Till next time keep well, travel safe and enjoy.