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Wilderness Tour, Easter 2008 (Storms River Fishing)

On the Sunday, John and I headed off to Plettenburg bay for a Fishing Charter.

We had a fantastic day with 5 of the 10 fishermen barking at the sharks. I must say that on two times, I came ultra close to doing the same. Fortunately I was on the land side of the boat and kept 100% view of the land which I think helped tremendously. Seriously, if we had of been isolated in fog, the sharks would have had a damn good meal ;-)

John had made sandwiches the night before and they looked damn fine, however, I simply did not take one. John on the other hand had the time of his life catching the most fish and eating the sandwiches. Yes, we did take them to camp and we ate every single one of them. There was 1 Red Roman and 4 Snappers. Look below: -


Here is John's Red roman that he caught. Yes, this fellow was braai'ed and eaten. Very, very nice.
Here is some of the fellow fishermen while we were moving to another spot.
  John was quite finicky on preparing the snappers that he caught. Nothing but butter, lemon and spices for his fish.

And here is the poor old "fishwife". For those humor impaired, this is a joke.

Lindsay sorting the fish out. Must admit that John did help with this.

And, this was the sunset as the fish were cooking. Yes, there was a lovely bottle of Red wine being consumed.

Till next time keep well, travel safe and enjoy.