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Wilderness Tour, Easter 2008 (Hogsback)

Hogsback was awesome.

The last time we were here, was for our wedding anniversary. This place simply has not changed and is even more beautiful then before. I can not describe the weather. The days were mild to hot but with a lovely cool wind that wasn't cold, but made it very comfortable. What struck me the most was that the air was so clear. It was like being in a dream and difficult to explain. Something I have never experienced.

This photo was taken on the first night. There was a full moon rising and I just had to get a photo. I rushed up and set the tripod on the terrace behind and started shooting.

I was really stunned by how well the photo came out and is probably one of my best of the holiday.

Anyway, now to some photo's: -




Here we are set up for the weekend.

This is Swallowtail Country Lodge. They cater for caravaners and campers only at this stage. Not sure if they will ever put chalets in.

The stands are fully grassed and fair in size. While we were there, it was not that full so we had two stands to spread out in.

  This is the "Trekkers Lounge" It is a communal area where everyone can come and sit, watch TV, have a braai, or stay ultra warm with a serious fireplace during the cold evenings.


This is one of the ablutions. They are immaculate and 5 star. Hot water was permanently on tap supplied by gas heaters.

Bottom right is John doing what he loves best: - cleaning dishes.

Yea, Right!!!!!!!!!!!!! To an future girlfriend of his, I am just joking ;-)

  On the Sunday, before leaving, we felt like eating out. We came across the sign in the photo on the left. We made the phone call and made the booking.

Boy O boy, did we have a treat. If you look carefully at the photo on the right. It is simply a veranda with two tables with seating for 4 people per table. That's it.

The owner is an X Chef from France and has toured the world. Just before Lindsay and I arrived for our honeymoon in 1989, this guy purchased the house and literally lives off the land.

All the food was home grown. As for the meat, he has a smallholding up in the mountains where he has sheep, cows, chickens and the like.

The meal was to die for. It was something special which was out of the ordinary. Next time you are on holiday, do something different!




One of the highlights of Hogsback is the waterfalls of which there are numerous.
  On the Saturday afternoon, we took a drive up to a place on the top of a mountain for a picnic. Both Lindsay and I said it was reminiscent of Switzerland
  Hayleigh took a walk around the caravan park and snapped nearly a full GIG of memory card. Here is some of her efforts.

Till next time keep well, travel safe and enjoy.