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Wilderness Tour, Easter 2008 (Karoo National Park)

This was the Karoo National Park. The plan was to leave for the park on Thursday, spend the night and head back to Johannesburg on the Friday getting back a day earlier. Well, driving in I was looking around and thinking "I could stay here longer". Well, as we were booking in, Lindsay said the exact same thoughts I had and immediately we were staying an extra night.

This place is also a spot hidden on this great earth. So often I have driven past and not given it much of a thought! Well, if this place were closer, I would be there almost every single weekend!


  Here we are set up in the camp site. There was lush green lawn which is a welcome sight. So much so, that we did not even put the ground sheet down.
On the Friday night, Lindsay treated us all to a dinner at the restaurant. Now normally, if I go to a restaurant, I will "ALWAYS" have a steak of some sort. However, it was time to be different and went for a Lam Neck Stew. Oh my lord, what a meal. Seriously, I the meal was like noting on earth.

Although the photo shows only us, we were early and the restaurant was soon nearly 70% full by the time we left.


To the left are photo's of the ablutions. Spotless with lots of hot water.

The bottom photo shows the communal cooking area.


Till next time keep well, travel safe and enjoy.