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Wilderness Tour, Easter 2008 (Storms River)

On the Monday, we headed off to Storms River.


Here we are, set up smack bang on the waters edge.

Storms River is another special place on earth. I managed to book a waterfront site which was brilliant. The sites are a bit small though and could do with some "expansion". The activities here are numerous as well. There are a number of walks and in particular, there is a trail along the coast which is the first part of the Otter trail and leads to a waterfall with a sea cove where the kids had much fun jumping in and swimming around.

Lindsay and the kids did a lot of snorkeling in some of the pools around the resort and in one particular pool, saw a sting ray. One exciting day, dolphins were playing in the waves to our right. This attracted so much interest from all the visitors that before long, there was nearly a solid line of people along the coast watching them.

If I lived near Storms River, I would be there on a regular basis, if not every second month. Go there and visit, you will love it.


Here we are set up on the "water front". Every night we were lulled to sleep by the waves and thoroughly enjoyed and sounds of the sea.


Bottom photo is taken from behind the caravan and looking towards the camp site.

  This is Storms River restaurant and shops. Here one can have a meal on the deck in the photo on the left or get supplies from the shop which is to the left and behind the restaurant.

Unfortunately we found the shop to cater more for tourists in the way of Curios then basic supplies. I know it was holidays, but we were unable to obtain potatoes for over 3 days once we arrived.

The beach and pool in the photos is a snorkeling area and both John and Lindsay spent 2 or so times here. Unfortunately though, it was a bit murky and not the best snorkeling that they had


This is some of the cabins available for visitors and including the views.




Now I know that this is an National Park, but this was totally unexpected. These guys popped down most times in the evenings and ate the grass in front of the Caravan.

Although they came very close, if someone tried to go a bit too far, they would move off. As you see in the bottom left photo, If one just sat there and observed (Lindsay in this case), they would simply go about their daily business.






This is John getting his daily dose of adrenalin.

When I offered for him to go, he jumped at it. And if he could go again and again, he would have. He loved it.

Luckily he does not work there as he would never give the paying customers a chance!

  On the Wednesday, we took a ride into Plettenburg bay. This is as we were leaving

Till next time keep well, travel safe and enjoy.