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Wilderness Tour, Easter 2008 (Victoria Bay)


This is the scene that greeted us each morning at Victoria Bay. Absolutely awesome.

We stayed here for 2 nights and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The camp site was "O.K." but was obviously in the throws of being upgraded slowly. The road up the hill was being tarred and at the entrance, there was about 12 sites with their own "personal" ablutions.

There could definitely have been more trees, however, I know how difficult it can be getting trees to grow along the coast. I would not have liked to be there during the December holidays!

As we were arriving into George, you pass the Kaimans river train bridge. By the look of it, this line is out of action due to land slides that have blocked or damaged the line.

It is refreshing to see however that work is being done on the line to re-open it.

These photographs were taken from our Camp site.


On the first day, there was some action in that someone had slipped and fallen round to the right of our camp sight and out of sight.

The rescue guys were called in and apparently, due to the location of the person, the rescue helicopter was needed.

The helicopter made quite a few sorties to and from the Beach and the person.

Till next time keep well, travel safe and enjoy.