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Badplaas 22nd - 24th Aug 2008

The kids Godparents phoned some time ago and said they were going to Badplaas with some family and friends and asked if we would like to come along. Well, after checking the calendars, it was a date and off we went.

The drive was very nice. Fortunately we had not quite left home when the godparents phoned and told us there was a lot of roadwork's around Belfast and Machadodorp. We then decided to take the M11 just after Middelberg down to Hendrina. From Hendrina, we too the R38 to Carolina and on to Badplaas.

The Resort is immaculate and very well run. The gardens were green and tidy with the swimming pools being absolutely awesome. Security was plentiful and very visible. I think this is partly due to the day visitors who are allowed. We experienced no problems with them what so ever.

Anyway, now to some photos.


This was our setup. The view at the top of the page was literally from our doorstep. We could not have asked for anything better.

We did not stay directly in the Caravan area as our friends were in a flat literally next to us on the right when facing the front of the caravan.

On the two nights, we would pull our chairs over to their stoep and kuier and braai.

The bottom photo is Hayleigh and Vicky returning from the swimming pools. The caravan is in the middle of the picture.

These two Photos care of Jackie (the kids God Mother)

Here is the main swimming pool. The photo on the left shows the Hydro and restaurant building towards the back of the pool.

The photo below is the outside area of the restaurant. I would like to have eaten there, however, finances did not allow for that ;-(

Also, next to the pools are water slides, colder pools, Fuffie slides, go-cart racing.

The furthest everyone got to was the water slides. Much fun was had by all.

This is the Hydro. One of the pools here is 43 degrees C. The family had a great time here enjoying themselves.

The photo on the top left is the Caravan park area, and on the right, some of the Rondawels nestled nicely in the bush.

Below are some other photos of the various accomodation around the resort.

Till next time keep well, travel safe and enjoy.