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Scout Boot-Camp 15th - 17th Aug 2008

The Scouts of the East Rand have always gone to the "Remembrance day" parades held annually in Benoni. The army guys that attended this acknowledged the visits by the scout and offered to put on a "Boot Camp" for the scouts to attend. Well, they did this admirably and a fun weekend was had by all.

The weekend started with the scouts meeting on the Friday evening. Little did they know what they were in for. One of the first things they had to do after being kaked out in true roofie style was to carry sand bags from one end of the grounds to the parade ground!

Special thanks go to:-

Colonel Ron Steele, officer commanding the regiment, Sergeant Major Potgieter and Lieutenant Malcolm Enslin.

Anyway, follow the action below. As always, click for a bigger photo: -


Welcome to Camp Staal draad...

Not quite, more like a Boot Camp ;-)

Here is Sergeant Major Potgieter issuing commands. Nice to see kids shaking ;-)

The 9th Benoni Scouts getting their morning breakfast. Both Shane and I brought our Caravans down for the weekend.

It is sooooo nice not having to leave for home late at night and return early in the morning. When the events were over, simply get into bed.

This is the accommodation the scouters were provided.

The tents had never been used before and were brand spanking new. They all came with groundsheets and the kids were very comfortable sleeping in them.

The bottom photo is the girl scouts tents which were set off to the one side of the grounds.

The event everyone was looking forward to. Shooting base.

There were in excess of 25 R4 Rifles for use by the scouts. The scouts were issued with two lots of 15 rounds.

Basically, for every 2 scouts or persons, there was one army personnel watching over them and assisting. As normal, the range rules were incredibly strict and very well managed.

Even parents and myself included got to shoot off 15 rounds. This gun is amazing with basically no kick what so ever.


After the shooting range, it was a case of clean the rifles <GRIN>

It took nearly 3 hours for the scouts to clean the guns, and that was after many many attempts to have the rifles passed for inspection by Sergeant Major Potgieter.

Seriously look at the faces. I was going to put comments here, however, I think you could make up even more colorful comments.

At the bottom right Hayleigh has just been given the rifle back "AGAIN" due to dirt. "What" she says, "you can not be serious"...

In the evening the scouters were treated to a talk on all sorts of armaments from RPG's to hand grenades and anti tank armament.

In the photo on the left, the commander was showing what a flare looks like. The kids asked him to set it off. Well, that's exactly what he did. The photo on the top right is the flare.



Bottom photos is of the kids watching


Then, as usual, the good old braai.

On the Sunday morning, it was inspection.

Sergeant Major Potgieter arrives and without saying good morning to anyone, walks around the camp looking for dirt which he finds within 1 minute.

Top photo is him kaking the kids out and letting go of the rubbish!!










The photo of the kids running below are after to reprimand




Then there are all the stragglers. Well, give me 20 pushups ;-)

One of the last things the scouts had to do on Sunday morning was go down the road to the local Moths shell hole.

In the first photo on the left, the scouts were all made to fall in and march military style to the Moth Hall.




The photo at the bottom is where they had to fall in prior to entering the hall

This is inside the Moth hall.

A gentleman there gave the scouters an overview of what the Moths are all about. This was very interesting the the kids listened intently to what was said.

Even I learnt some interesting facts.

This is inside the museum. This was actually quite awesome and very interesting. Some of the memorabilia both in the Moth hall and this museum is well worth a look at.

Here is the closing ceremony at the Moths hall gardens.

The scouts thoroughly enjoyed their time and when asked by the army if they would come back, there was a resounding approval.

Till next time keep well, travel safe and enjoy.