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13th - 16th Feb. 2009

Normally, we would have headed to Sabie at this time for tubing down the river. Unfortunately, there was quite a widespread scare over Cholera in many of the rivers up north. The Sabie river was one of them. This resulted in the Scouts taking the wise decision to cancel this years event. Many people were disappointed, but far rather safe then sorry.

Lindsay and I had already taken leave for the Friday and Monday and decided we would still go somewhere else instead. Guess where? Our favorite haunt being Berg en Dal in the Kruger National Park.

We did not see any cats this time, but quite honestly, we were not looking as we have seen so many in the area before, it was like seeing Impala all the time.

It was just so awesome to park in a chair or take a slow drive and enjoy the area.

The weekend also tied in with the SARL field day competition. I took all my radio equipment and with the help of John, strung the antenna over a tree that was next to us and off I went. Awesome. I finally got my 100 contacts and can get my ZS via this 100 contact route.

Anyway, read below for more commentary: -


This is a fly past pic of Ngodwana paper mill between Machadadorp and Nelspruit



Here was our camp for the weekend. Next to the fence and like mousie birds... Sitting with our tummies to the sun.


Some of the photos here you will see the kids sleeping on the bench chairs. Much work went into getting them ready for a lie down. Lilo spread down, duvet, pillows drinks etc etc.

On one of our drives, we saw this guy on the road. Rather large fellow. The bottom right photo was one of the low water crossings. Does it not just look awesome?

Here we had some fun. We were in the process of crossing a low level water bridge and were about to exit on the other side.

Out stepped an Elephant who really did not look happy and mocked charged. With no where else to go, I quickly reversed back along the bridge.

The Elie then crossed the road but with a little one following behind.







Here is the same elies now drinking just to our left from where we stopped on the bridge.



Bottom right photo is from the same spot but looking Right, up the river.




This is Gardena bird hide. You can get out the car and get into a hide and watch the going on's around which Lindsay and I did.



While we were in the hide, the kids decided it was sleep time






Some Zeb's taking an amble up the road.


The one day at the camp site, this Elephant bull came ambling up the river bed directly in front of our camping site.

It was really nice sitting in our chairs watching him amble around the bush grazing


These are some random photos

The guys at Kruger have put up a much better marker board. The old ones were cloth with colored pins. The cloth was well worn out and pinned to hell.


They now have a picture board much like a white board with colored disks which are magnetic. Nice and clean







Here is the Dam in front of Berg en Dal's restaurant and shop. Full to the brim which I have not seen before.



Lastly some picks on the way home. It was raining along part of the route which made it very enjoyable.

FANTSTIC driving such good roads.

Till next time keep well, travel safe and enjoy.