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Kontiki: - 7th - 8th March 2009

It is at this time that Kontiki is held at Murray Park in Springs. Hundreds of Scouts come from all over Gauteng and surrounds to join in the fun and activity. Last year 9th Benoni did not attend for various reasons and this time only did the land activities. This is due to many of the older scouts having left and only very young Scouters being in the troop at the time. They can definitely not put a raft together just yet.

Unfortunately I am missing a whole lot of photos from the event and can only put up a few as below. Between a computer crash and swapping PC's, the photos disappeared.

Anyway, have a look at what photos I do have and read below for more commentary: -


As per normal, we head down with our Caravan. Noting like sleeping in comfort while there.

This is the supporters camp and the Scouts getting breakfast one morning.

A normal part of Kontiki is the perpetual rain. What a lovely weekend this was. We only had a small down poor on Saturday, but apart from that, clear blue skies and sun.

 This was the 9th Benoni Beaver Challenge. Basically, bits of steel were put in 2 of about 50 film cartridges. Then the Cubs with the aid of metal detectors had to find them.

Lots of fun

Here is some of the Pioneering the scouters did

 General camp photos

 Ready for inspection. Damn, wish the house was like this some times ;-)

Till next time keep well, travel safe and enjoy.