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10th - 14th April 2009

Kev and Charlene are members of the holiday club. For the easter weekend, they decided they were going to stay at the Hazyview river bungalows. They invited us along as they booked an 8 seater bungalow. Unfortunately, John could not come as he had to work :-(

The reservation week runs from Friday to Friday which was perfect as it allowed us to drive down on the Friday and not in the Thursday Easter rush.

On the day of our return, I decided to head to Kruger park, take a drive through to Crocodile Bridge and then drive home. My thoughts were that we would exit Crock Bridge at about 12h00 and be home in time for dinner. Ha ha, fat chance. In the end we exited at about 17h00 and drove into the night, getting home at 10ish. Oh boy, was Kevin oh so lucky. Lindsay Hayleigh and I had the next day off. Kevin did not. If Kevin had just muttered a word about staying, we would have booked in for one night!!!!!!!!

Read about the Kruger drive near the bottom.

Anyway, read below for more commentary: -



O.K. this is Hazyview Bungalows. Lindsay and I stayed here over 20 years ago!!! My, how things have changed. The resort is very nice, however, in the olden days, the cabins were all along the river. There are still some of these, however, most of them are set back now and are probably additions.


The pool was lovely and the family did spend some time in them.

The top left photo is the shop and restaurant. On our arrival, we had a lekker cup of tea and a super sweeeeeeet cake.

On the one night, the resort put on a braai for everyone including Pap and gravy. All we needed to do was bring our drinks and meat. Say no more.

Top left photo is me getting some hot coals to add to our braai.

Top right is Charlene, Hayleigh and Kevin, tending to said braai.

Bottom photo is Colin (Charlene's eldest) and Vanessa

On one of the evenings, we went down to the pools for a braai. This was right next to the pools.

Colin and Vanessa



This here is Pilgrims rest. At the time we were last at Hazyview bungalows, Lindsay and I went to Pilgrims rest and spent some time in the Grave yard. We decided to do the same this time and Hayleigh was with us.

It is amazing to see how young some of these fellows were when they died. I think the flu and in particular, Malaria, were the main problems.

Top 3 photos is the grave yard.









Here are some photos over Pilgrims rest.




The photo on the left is where the mine was and shows all the excavation that was done.

The Donkeys and cart were for rent for a quick ride through town. Looked like fun but we did not oblige.



While in Pilgrims rest, we paid this little Coffee shop a visit. What a lovely time we had and excellent food.



Here we have pinky and perky




This was a view from the road as were returning to Hazyview. Not visible but over the hills was Pilgrims rest


This is the view from God's window. An absolutely stunning view. Unfortunately, as you can see, it was quite misty.




Left photo is Kevin descending the mountain while watching a parasail skirting along the edge of the escarpment. The guys were having loads of fun.

The photo on the right, Vanessa, Hayleigh, Mark and Colin




Kevin and Charlene at the bottom near the car park

As mentioned above, we headed home via Kruger. Mad??? Yes, but I am glad we did it. Actually extatic.

We entered via the Pambeni gate and took the ... to Skukuza. Boy, was I impressed with this camp. Yes, it is big and busy, however very nice with actualy very nice camping sites.

The photos from top to bottom, left to right are: -

The resturant area at Skukuza. The Bats on the right were in one of the dining areas shown in the top left photo

Photos directly left is a deck overlooking the Sabie river.




Photos showing the Sabie river outside of Skukuza.




Here were some Elephants browsing across the river from Skukuza



There is a lovely day visitors area about 3 km's down the road from Skukuza. They have purposely separated it from Skukuza to keep the visitor numbers in Skukuza down during busy times.

Top right was a group of Warthogs we met in the way down to the day visitor area.

The day visitor area was awesome with a pool, eating and braai areas. All very nicely nestled in the bush with lots of shade.



While we were crossing over the Sabie river on the way to Nkhulu picnic spot, we saw this Pied Kingfisher parking on the guide rails.

I slowly glided up to him (or her) and snapped these photos. It is amazing to see these guys constantly looking around for their next dinner.

This is Nkhulu picnic spot. Arguably one of my best picnic spots.

It is nestled along the banks of the Sabie river and has many braai areas. We literally popped in for a cup of Coffee and to just sit and enjoy.

It is a real curse to have to leave each time.

These are photos between Nkulu picnic spot and Lower Sabie rest camp.










This was a tiny elephant we saw down one of the many side roads next to the river. He did a cheeky little mock charge at us and was quite cute. However, when the car did not move, he quickly headed for the trees and pretended he was just eating.



The bottom right and very bottom were mom. Now is she decided to come at us, I think I would have made a bee line ;-)

There is a dam just outside Lower Sabie. We saw this Legawane taking a hike down the edge looking for food.



Here we have Lower Sabie rest camp. This is also a lovely camp. Top Left photo is where we had a lovely meal while watching Hippo's basking in the photo on the top right.



Bottom left is looking out to a bridge crossing the Lower Sabie.

Bottom right is a photo from the Bridge looking to the restaurant at Lower Sabie where we took the above photos from.


On the way from Lower Sabie to Crocodile Bridge, we came across two heard's of Buffalo's. Each heard was in the region of 80 to 100.

This was certainly amazing and exciting at the same time. We rarely see Buffalo's in these numbers when at Burg en Dal.

At one stage, we got caught on the road with Buffalos all around us. Noting happened but it certainly gets the heart ticking.

This was just before Crock bridge where we saw some more Elies down near a dam.

It was not 200 meters up the road where there was 3 lions lying in the grass some way away from the road. Again, a bit too far for a decent photo

This is the exit from Kruger at Crocodile Bridge.

Time was 16:49:01

The road home was long and into the dark night. As I said, we nearly stayed over for the night. Kevin was very lucky 8-)

Till next time keep well, travel safe and enjoy.