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10th - 14th April 2009


We were on our way from Punda Maria to Shingwedzi. Along the road was a perfect flat area ideal for Cheetah. But, we never get to see them. Well not this time. Along the way, we came across 2 jackals sleeping in the open. It was near a water hole and in my mind I am thinking there is Cheetah here. Anyway, not 1 to 2 kilometers down the road, there are two Cheetah lying under a tree.

Here are the two Jackals we first saw. They did not move an inch while we were there.

And then the Cheetah.

After watching them under the tree for about 5 minutes, they got up and started walking parallel to us along the road.

Fortunately they walked in our direction otherwise I would have been reversing a couple of kilometers with the caravan attached.

Lastly, between the Cheetahas and Shingwedzi we came across this heard of between 80 to 100 Zebra. Never seen something like it before with my own eyes.

Until next time, keep well and happy holidays.

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