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29th June - 7th July 2009

I had been planning this holiday for some time. We have always wanted to visit the northern part of Kruger Park and Punda Maria in Particular. However, after some thought, we decided to visit Shingwedzi as well. After looking at the booking site of the SANparks web site, I eventually got us in for 5 days at Pun da Maria and 3 days at Shingwedzi. As always, once there, if I could have extended to stay, I would have.

We left monday morning at 04h00 before all the rush hour traffic through Pretoria. We went up to Louis Trichard and then turned east and headed through Thouyandu to the Punda Maria entrance gate. The Camp is some 20 to 30km's further into the reserve. The drive was an absolute pleasure with us arriving at 11h00.

The return trip was a bit different in that we left Shingwedzi, traveled south to the Phalaborwa gate which is some 150km's from the camp. Not so bad until you realise you have to stick to a maximum of 50km/h. And yes, they speed trap and we saw a total of 5 during our stay. Well, we got out the reserve at Phalaborwa at 11h30 and headed to Pietersburg via Tzaneen. Then home arriving at 19h00!!! The drive at 50km/h through the Kruger was the time killer and no, there was no shorter route.

I have divided the report into a number of pages as shown below. There is a total od over 150 photos, so I thought it best to break it all up.

Drive to Punda Maria and the camp.

Drives and game around Punda Maria.

Pafuri (awsome).

The Elephants come down to drink (Double awsome)

Cheetah on drive to Shingwedzi.

Shingwedzi Camp.

Drives and game around Shingwedzi.

Anyway, read below for more commentary and enjoy: -


Until next time, keep well and happy holidays.

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