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10th - 14th April 2009

On two occasions, we took a trip up to Pafuri. This is basically the northernmost part of Kruger. The Pafuri picnic site is situated on the southern banks of the Levubu river. From what we could see, the Levubu runs permanently during the year. Apparently in times of drying up, the parks board chat to someone up river and they open the gates to a rather large dam somewhere. The river is often called the Luvhuvhu and is the venda name for "acasia" (thorn tree).

This is rather fortunate as there is so much nature dependent on this river.

At the Pafuri picnic site, there were so many birds around it was unreal. Speaking with Frank, the SanParks curator of the site, he said you should be here in summer. Lindsay, John and I spent many hours wandering around and looking at all the wild life.

If you cary on about 15km's East of the picnic site, you get to Crooks corner. To get there is through a Fever tree forest, but more on that later. Crooks corner is the border between South Africa, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. You can see more about this wonderful place down below.

Before getting to photos below, I have read in many places that this area does not have much in the way of many antelopes etc. Well, they are definitely wrong. We so so much game it was amazing.

Have a read below, and seriously, if you can ever visit the area, make sure it happens. You will love it.

This is the Pafuri Picnic sight. Lovely trees all around for shade and very spacious. As per all Parks picnic sights, you can hire gas cylinders and skottles to braai on and is incredibly popular.

On the left is Lindsay, John, Dune (Our niece) and myself cooking breakfast.

Nyum nyum.

Here is an overview of the picnic area with the River running past in front.

Here we have the Levubu river itself about 5 to 8km's east of the picnic sight.

In some of the photos, but not quite visible, there are numerous crocodiles. Lindsay was counting the baby (3/4m) crocks and lost count at 55. Seriously.







Bottom right photo here is of some larger crocks

This is Crooks corner. The river you see is the Limpopo river, many kilometres East of Beit Bridge.

Top two photos is looking East South East at Mozambique.

Photo on the left is looking north into Zimbabwe with Mozambique out of picture to the right.

Just to the left of the Top left photo directly above, the Levubu river enters the Limpopo. Yet again, you can see al the Crocks waiting for dinner to waltz buy.





Above right photo and photo directly left is the plaque about crooks corner. This place got its name due to the fact that if you were being sought after for being naughty, you came here. If the SA police came near you you would walk a few meters and be in Zims and they could not touch you. If the Zims police came, you hoped back into either SA or Mozambique, and again, they could not touch you.

Here is some animal picks of around the area.

There Hippos were in the Levubu river sharing water with all the crocks

On our second visit to Pafuri, I took a left turn to follow "up" the Levubu river and see what was there.

We came across this African Carrier hawk trying to get something out of this dead tree.

We spent nearly 30 minutes watching him do his best, but unfortunately he cam out with nothing. It was amazing to watch him and his strength was quite amazing. What he was after we do not know, but it could have been anything from a mouse or lizard to another birds nest site.

And here we have the fever tree forest. Unfortunately photos once again do not do this justice. It was truly amazing and we could have spent hours parking off here. One day Lindsay and I will re-visit with a bed in the back of the Caravelle and we will have and afternoon snooze somewhere along here.

The area is so reminiscent of areas of Zimbabwe. Specifically the Mopani trees. Again, photos do not do justice, however, it is amazing to behold.

Until next time, keep well and happy holidays.

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