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Punda Maria Game Drives

O. K. not much to comment on here. These are just photos of the various game drives we had around Punda Maria Camp. Mainly for looking at, but commentary on anything necessary

Talk about being legless!!!! Some poor unfortunate sole losing his leg. Found this one morning on the loop around Punda Maria.

The one evening we took a night drive. After a rather event full and enjoyable drive, we were heading back to camp. Suddenly, one of the persons with a light on the drive with us shouted Lion. He basically came out of the bushes on the home stretch of the road to the camp. We then proceeded to follow him slowly for the next 30 minutes as he walked along the road to camp, marking his territory from one side to the next. He eventually peeled of into the bush about 1km from the camp. As we entered the gate, our guide warned the guard that there was a lion heading down the road to us and to be careful. I can not proceed to tell you the expression of the guard, however, he had all of us in stitches. Apparently the guards are not parks employees but literally guards from a commercial guarding division. So Lions down a road was definitely not in his job description.

Some of the unusual trees in the area.


Peek a boo


I photographed this fellow from the hide in the Punda Marie camp site.

These photos were taken on the road to Pafuri which is aproximately 50km's from Punda Maria

Until next time, keep well and happy holidays.

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