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10th - 14th April 2009

Shingwedzi is a wonderful camp. We really enjoyed ourselves here and could have easily spent a lot longer. Definitely in the future, a good 5 to 7 day stay will be well worth it.

The campsite was arguably the best we have ever been to. Primarily the ground though. The sand was like beach sand being very clean and nice to "Live" on. Berg en Dal is getting something like it but not quite the same.

The space was also something else. While we were there, the camp sites were fully booked, but if you look at the photo's below, you would never say so!

Anyway, read below for more commentary: -

Shingwedzi entrance gates

This is the camping ground with our set up. We were in our own secluded space and really enjoyed it.

This is Shingwedzi swimming pool

Lindsay doing what she loves best. Pampering, watching and listening to the birds.

The chalets are in circles. The photos are from within the center of these circles showing how spacious the grounds are and also how the trees almost block out your neighbors to the front and sides of you

Then the gardens. Brilliant and attracting many a sun bird

This is the day visitors area. It is set on what seems like an island. Tons and Tons of trees to shelter under when the sun is out

This is the Shingwedzi river in front or the day visitors area.

Until next time, keep well and happy holidays.

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