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10th - 14th April 2009

The first time we returned from Pafuri, there was a place along the road where there were a number of large Elepant crossing the road. Looking to the right, I saw what looked like a small dam.

I did not stop there the first time but the second time we returned from Pafuri, I took the detore road which lead us to an amazing siting

The photos are deceptive. Initialy, there was one or two Elies. Then some more came down. Then, yes you guessed it, even more came down. In the end there were about 50 Elephants all in all.








If you look at the far left photo, this was taken from the same position as the others, but at a second dam just right of the other photos.

Gives a new meaning to Elepants for Africa.

Till next time keep well, travel safe and enjoy.