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Sabie 12th - 14th Feb 2010

The second weekend in February is normally the time that the East Rand Scouting district head down to Sabie for a family tubing weekend down the Sabie river. This year was no exception. Everyone was thoroughly looking forward to this as the 2009 event was cancelled due to the Cholera scare during the same period.

We left Friday morning early at 06h45. The drive was again a pleasure. The Caravelle went like a bomb both ways even though this time we were six people up and a very loaded caravan with tubes, life jackets, 3 tents, food for 7 etc etc.

We wend down via Belfast, Dulstroom and Lydenburg with the final section over Long Tom pass into Sabie. Coming back we took the route to the N4 and then up over Schoomanskloof. On the way down, we were in radio contact with Marc and Veronique via the Middleberg repeater. This repeater was brilliant due to the fact that we were just short of Belfast while Marc was the Jhb side of Witbank and we could talk easily to each other.

The weather was absolutely fantastic. Friday afternoon we had a good old afternoon thundershower. Saturday was overcast, but no rain. Early Sunday, it rained, but cleared up by 08h00, as we were about to start packing up for the return journey.

Anyway, have a look at the photos below.

We hope you enjoy.

This photo was taken at the Engen 1 stop at the off ramp to Belfast. We make a flask of hot water before leaving home. Then when we stop at a place like this, we make coffee with the normal supplies in the caravan and have a relaxing rest before continuing on our way

On the left is our camp. The tent in front of the caravan is Marc and Veroniques. Veronique is troop scouter for Calisto, the girl troop from 9th Benoni. Photo on the right is the "Lapa" that is used when it is raining which it tends to do quite often in Sabie.

Here are some photos I took early Saturday morning in the camp. The scene was perfect at this time of the day.

We arrived early on the Friday and decided that there was more then enough time to head down the river. Here is the Chamberlain and de Hotman family ready for their first ride down the river.





Far left photo is Penny (Lindsay's Sister) having fun. Photo on the right is from left to right: - Dune, Veronique, Penny and Michelle.




I am not even going to try and name everyone in this photo.

Here the guys are reaching the end of the ride which fortunately is right next to the camp site.

Straight from the river into the swimming pool which I believe was warmer then the river.

On Saturday there is the normal briefing for all the people who have maybe not been down the river before.

Major rules are life jackets at all times and closed shoes to be worn.



Then it is time again for everyone to head down the river.

Top photo here is Penny and Dune ready for their second ride on the Saturday. Sabie tubing can be quite addictive.










More pictures at the launch site in the afternoon as everyone prepares for their second ride of the day.

This is Sunday morning.

Left photo is a look towards bridal veil waterfalls from the launch site




Here, John, Luke and Ryan decide to go down together on a monster tube together. I believe there was much laughter all the way down.










Then Lindsay, Penny and Dune do their last ride for the weekend.


Until next time, keep well and happy holidays.

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