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Kontiki 5th - 7th Mar 2010

Well, Kontiki came running "full steam ahead" at us again.

Shane (Group Scouter) and I headed down the the hall at 08h30 on Friday morning to load up the truck with all the kit. We left at about 10h00 and headed down to Murray Park which fortunately for us is about 15 minutes down the road. On arrival, together with two assistants we put up the two army tents for the weekend. One serving as a mess tent for the scouter's and the other as the Kitchen for the catering etc.

Then, in the afternoon, the heavens opened. It bucketed down so the evening turned into a very wet affair. Fortunately, that was the rain for the weekend and ended up giving an incredible mist on the Saturday morning.

Overall the event for 9th Benoni was a magnificent affair. We again did not put a raft in as still, the scouter's are predominantly too young. Next year however will be a definite. Also the Phoenix rovers offered their services to any group in the district this year, but there were no takers. Suffice to say, we booked their services this weekend for next year.

As usual, photos below. Click on an image to get a larger photo.

We hope you enjoy.

Here on the left is the main kitchen area. On the right, two of the newer tents we are slowly purchasing for the group to replace some old and worn tents.

This was Saturday morning early and you can see the lovely misty scene. It was rather eire.









The scouter around their "eating table"

What would we be without supporters. Here they all are having a wonderfully time chatting.

It was wonderful the support we had this year from parents. I also think they really enjoyed themselves ;-)



Here from left to right is Marc, Veronique and Andrew




The intrepid Gerald getting the braai going for 70+ boerworse ;-)

On the Saturday, Marc brought down his Mast and antenna and together with my radio, set up a "field station".

The conditions were fantastic and he managed a good QSO with a station in Australia.


Would you believe that Shane was taking the army tent side walls down for packing on Sunday morning. He saw what at first he thought was a piece of rope.

Believe it or not, a 30cm Rinkals snake!!!

It has since been released.

Some of the Scouter's chilling.




This was the 9th Benoni Beaver challenge for the Saturday.


Cubs had to come and hunt in sand for 3 beads, once found, over to the table to be turned into a necklace.

This was so successful, the stock started running out. Never fear, the cub ladies and supporters shot out and got more.

Here were some of the other beaver challenges for the weekend.
This is a few gateways that were up with the early morning mist making them awesome.

What would Kontiki be without the rafts.

You must look at the top left photo in large format. Built completely from Bamboo!








Photo on the left is Robyn Hills "before" superstructure. On the right is the raft "with" superstructure.

As normal, Vodacom 911 are always there for the full weekend incase there are any injuries.

On the Saturday morning, there was an opening ceremony and the Police put on a dog show.


Here are are all the kids at the opening.

Here the police putting the dogs through some of their paces.
Finally, closing ceremony. The end of yet another lovely weekend.

Until next time, keep well and happy holidays.

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