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Kruger 7th July 2010

During our winter trip to Swadini (which you can see here), we took time out to head to Kruger for the day and to enjoy the bush and animals.

The day was wonderful and we totally enjoyed ourselves. We entered via Orpen which is less then an hour from Swadini and headed straight to Satara. From there we went down the famous S100 to the Nwanetsi picnic site before turning around and heading back to camp.

Anyway, lets get to some photos and a write up.

As usual, photos below.

Click on an image to get a larger photo. We hope you enjoy.






We had just entered the park at the Orpen gate and these are some photos.

We stopped at the lookout point along the H7 that overlooks the Timbavati river. You are allowed to get out the vehicle at this point and take in the scene. This we did after making a cup of coffee and sitting at the chairs provided at the spot.

This character kept a beady eye on us from a very close distance and was obviously very eager to acquire some food from us. I am sure many a person has had rusks, sandwiches or the like and Zazu here had become quite accustomed to this.

Also along the H7 were these Lilac breasted rollers.
Along the H7 close to Satara is the Nsemani dam. As we arrived, this heard of Elephants had just finished drinking and were leaving.
These were some of the plains game between the Nsemani dam and Satara. Top two photos are Kudu and the bottom one Zebras

Here we have Satara. This is a really lovely camp although I do believe they could plant more trees in the camping area. I have heard and can believe that in the summer, the camping area is unbearable due to the heat.

Non the less, every school holidays over Christmas, Satara, as with all the other camps is full to the brim.

First two photos is looking at the front of the reception from the waterhole fence.




This is a Fever tree which was absolutely awesome.

Top two photos were taken along the famous S100. I have read on the forum how popular this route is. Quite honestly, It is not one of the best as far as I am concerned, although many will disagree I am sure.




Here was the N'wanetsi river crossing the S41. I could have quite honestly stayed here for a number of hours. It was just so tranquil. Also, with a pod of Hippos grunting and frolicking, just too much fun. Photo on the right were a row of terrapins sun tanning on a rock.

This was our picnic spot for the day, N'wanetsi.

After arriving in the car park, you hop out and walk literally to the braai and eating area.

However, just a bit further on and around a small koppie, there was a most awesome look out point. If we were staying at Satara, I would make a point of coming here and just "parking" for many an hour. Even if we did not see anything, just to "be".

In the photos is Lindsay sucking in the awesome view.

On our way towards Orpen on our way out, this eagle came floating down towards us from the front and landed on the left hand side of the car. It had seen something in the grass that had probably run into the bush it was now sitting on.

It was just fascinating to watch.

Within about 5km's of the exit gate, we came across the usual traffic jamb. There were cars everywhere. It can only be Lion? No, not this time. Apparently there was a Leopard not 5 meters from the road lying in the grass resting, but very well hidden. We just could not see it with all the cars in the way.

We then took a small road turning to the left to see if we could see it from the other side as many other cars were there. No go.

We headed back to the tar road and were about to leave when I decided, let me give it another go. We managed to get a parking spot, but just could not see said Leopard :-(

I was about to reverse and leave when suddenly the Leopard decided it was time to get up and move about. These were the photos.

Although we were parked some way up the road from him, he walked along the road towards us and literally 5 to 10 meters away from us.

These are such awesome creatures!!!

Until next time, keep well and happy holidays.

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