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Swadini 4th - 10th July 2010

At one point about 3 years ago, we headed to Swadini for an "annual" winter holiday. Then for some reason this stopped and was due to us either going to other places or doing something else. This year we wanted to go away as usual and Swadini was one of the options. Well, as you guessed, we finally decided to go and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Over the past few year, one of our fears whereby we would no longer have one or both kids with us on holiday have come true. What made this holiday particularly enjoyable was having both John and Hayleigh together with their partners join us on this holiday. In total, six of us.

Swadini was just as memorable and enjoyable as in the past. We really must continue to visit every winter. Some of the other campers had been there for the last 3 months in order to avoid the Highveld winters. Now I could quite happily participate in that. The kids enjoyed spending a lot of time by the pool playing the various games the resort had on offer. Lindsay and I would head to the pools at 06h30 every morning and wallow for an hour or two in the hot pool. By 09h00, the outside temperature had risen significantly to make the hot water pool rather uncomfortable. Can you believe that?

As for the scenery and animals, it was as we remember. The Bush Buck and Kudu still roam the camp grounds. The kids would spend nights roaming around the camp looking for the nocturnal animals seeing the likes of Bush Babies, Genets and the like.

Anyway, lets get to some photos and the write up. As usual, photos below. Click on an image to get a larger photo.

We hope you enjoy.




Far left photo is from the entrance turn off looking down at the main swimming pool area. On the right, the road returning from the dam towards the Swadini turnoff. The sides of the road are just lined with the good old South African bushveld.






The two photos to the left show the Drakensburg mountain drop off behind the entertainment area. When the sun rises in the morning, the colours coming off the rocks is just amazing.




Here are the swimming pools. Often in the Mornings when Lindsay and I went down for our morning dip, fog would be hanging around in the lower lying areas of the valley.


It just made for the most amazing scenes in the early morning.

Here is our camp for the week. One of the lovely things about camping at Swadini at this time is that the camp is never really full. If anything, it is just right.

I am sure you have seen many similar photos in previous pages. If not, here they are again.


This is the Blyde dam and surrounds. The bush colours were just amazing. Greens and autumn colours were just everywhere.







Photo on the right is Hayleigh and Mike


These photos are from roads or spots around Swadini.

The one day, Lindsay and I went to Hoedspruit to get some supplies. We had just exited the Swadini gate and were driving along when we saw this fellow crossing the road.

To ensure he did not end up as road kill, Lindsay hoped out and picked him up to take him to safety.




Here he is reunited with a tree.

This is a number of photos of the kids playing. There was piggy in the middle and others. As you can see, loads of fun was had.
Far left, Mike. Photo on the right, Bianca and John.

The worst part of the week. We are having brunch after just packing the caravan up for the return trip home.

I know I have a saying: - "All good things come to and end as better is still to come". But sometime you just want those good things to never end in the first place :-(

Until next time, keep well and happy holidays.

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