Our Ratings

For those people wondering how we would rate the various resorts. I have done that below. Hopefully it will become apparent that we rate resorts on the overall experience. For instance, Swadini and Berg-en-Dal come in tie as number 1. Swadini is green, average ablutions, brilliant atmosphere. Berg-en-Dal: - Dry, dusty, brilliant bush, game, etc etc

Anyway, here it is: -

Tie for 1st: -    Swadini, Berg-en-Dal and Eden park

Tie for 2nd: -    Mabalingwe and Mbizi

3: -    Dragons peaks

4: -   Loskop dam

5: -    Atlanta

6: -    Pretoriuskop

7: -    Klein Paradyse (Warmbaths)

8: -    Witbank dam

Please note, this is only my opinion. Just because Klein Paradyse and Witbank are 9 and 10 does not mean I do not like them. As stated, they are lovely and I enjoyed my time there.